What is a Hernia?

Hey. What’s up, you guys? My name is Buck Parker.

In this video, we’re gonna talk about what is a hernia.

I’m a general surgeon. I see hernias a lot. This is one of my jobs I have is to fix hernias, and a lot of people get sent to me. And they don’t know what exactly a hernia is, so I thought maybe we’d make a video about what a hernia is. So it’s not that complicated really, but you do need to know a little bit of anatomy. So we’re gonna take the umbilical hernia, or the belly button hernia, okay? And/or the groin hernia. Those are a couple of the most common hernias that we see, so just imagine you have your belly here. And we see the skin. We see the top layer, but we don’t normally know what’s underneath a lot of us, okay? Obviously, I do because I fix them. But you may not know that. That’s okay. No problem. Just imagine underneath the skin, we have multiple layers of tissue. And some of those layers are fat. Some of them are muscle, and then there’s a couple of other layers that are the strong tissue of the abdominal wall, okay?

Imagine, just like the walls in your house, there’s different layers. There’s paint, there’s…What is that thing called? The sheetrock. Yeah, there’s the sheetrock, there’s some wood studs in there. There may be some fiberglass for whatever. There’s electrical wiring, right? So that’s kind of what’s going on in the abdominal wall. That’s what you call the wall. There’s lots of different things in there as well. Imagine, basically, the studs, okay? Where the wood is the strong thing holding wall up, and so we have a strong layer in the abdomen as well. But when that breaks down, then that causes a problem just like if you cut down all the strong pieces holding your house walls up. Then the wall’s gonna fall down. This is a little bit different because we’re looking at a hole in the tissue, so imagine a tissue layer like this. And then you put a hole right in the middle of it, right? Then something can go through that, and so for this video, we’re talking about umbilical hernias and the groin hernias, or ingroinal hernias.

It’s the abdominal wall, and so with the abnormal hole in that, that is the definition of a hernia. And the problem with the hernias is that lots of other things that are not supposed to go through there, or they’re kept in by the abdominal wall, like the bowels, the spleen, the stomach, and all of our organs are kept in the abdomen by the abdominal wall. So if you have a hole in that, then they can escape, okay? Typically, they don’t go anywhere because you have skin and fat over the top of it. But that strong layer is not there anymore, and you may have problems with the escape of, say, the small bowel or some fat or the omentum or something like that.

So that is my spiel on hernias. I hope that helps you understand what hernias are exactly. If you wanna hear more information about specific types of hernias, check out my other videos. I have explanations of most other hernias as well.

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