What Does a SURGEON Do Everyday?

What’s going on, you guys? Hey, I thought I was gonna make this little video here because a few of you guys wanna know what a surgeon does and what his life’s like. Right here. See this? I just got home. 10 minutes, I got home from a 12-hour day. And I’m going right the fuck back! Right the fuck back. This is what you do. This is why we get paid.

People go, “Oh, doctors make too much fucking money.” That’s ’cause we work 10 fucking times more than everybody else. Not everybody, but you’re talking about a normal salary. Average salary. We make 10 times more. We don’t even make 10 times more than the average household salary, or person, whatever. I’m irritated as fuck right now ’cause I gotta go back.

But the thing is is we don’t even make 10 times more, but we work, like, 10 times more than a normal person. You guys work 40 hours a week, okay? I work 10 times more. I work 80 to 100. So, I mean, what’s that worth? I don’t know.

That’s my rant! Short. A minute and a half.

But it’s still cool. I did some cool shit today. I got to take a lot of organs out of people’s bodies. Open up their body, take their organ out, close their body, fix them, send them home better than they were. So you can’t- There’s no real price on that either. Helping people, doing something you feel good about.

But it’s non-stop. It’s all the fucking time. So whatever you’re doing, if you’re not doing medicine and you wanna be the best or whatever, you wanna make a lot of money, you just gotta go all the fucking time. You gotta be obsessive about shit. About working and just doing…Focused on one thing all the fucking time. Am I gonna get dinged because I say fuck too much on this YouTube thingie? I don’t know. Anyway, we’ll find out. See you in the next one.

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