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Dr. Buck’s Weight Loss Re-Program

If you can’t stick to a diet or exercise program, let me just tell you it’s not your fault!  If you are having trouble losing weight or experiencing the “yo-yo” dieting, you’re not alone.  And your lack of willpower is not the problem either…..in actuality, humans just don’t have much willpower.  So the problem is not YOU, it’s that you’re HUMAN, and you just don’t understand how your BRAIN works…..YET.  Most weight loss programs have you focusing on all the wrong things…..food, exercise, dress sizes and the scale.  The truth is you’ll never be able to STICK WITH any of those things if you don’t understand how your brain works and how it’s already been programmed.  Once you understand how it works, and how it’s programmed, you can RE-PROGRAM it so you can stick with any diet or exercise program.

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