How To Study In Medical School Tips and Tricks!

Hey, what’s up you guys? Thanks for watching this video.

In this video, I wanna talk to you about how to study for eight hours a day, say if you’re in med school or something like that.

I was, I’ll tell you, that I was a really crappy student in college. I actually was really good in junior high for some reason. They moved me up in my math classes. But then in high school, I did- I was a clown. I didn’t care. In college, it started out the same way.

I ended up getting a tutor who helped ’cause I was taking Physics, and I was really petrified of Physics so I got a tutor. Then I ended up doing the best out of the entire class on the first test, which then everybody thought I was cheating because I had been doing really (bleep) before that.

I have a couple techniques that helped me start doing really well, and I want to share them with you.

One of them is…There’s been a lot of studies that show that we can concentrate for about 50 minutes at a time. Over that, we start to wane our concentration. So if you’re trying to study for four hours at a time and you can’t figure out why you can’t do that, well it’s because humans are just not very good at that. So what you can do is you get a timer and you set it for 50 minutes and you study, you just decide you’re gonna study for 50 minutes and when that timer goes off, you take a break no matter what. Even if it’s…If you’re doing really good and you wanna finish up a few minutes here and there, five minutes, 10 minutes, whatever that’s fine. But you gotta take a break. Take a break for 10 minutes at least, probably 20 is better and then go back, set the timer again, do another 50 minutes. If you’re doing for an entire day, what you wanna do is in the morning, your first break, go outside. You go out, you walk. Your walk is getting exercise, even if it’s not serious exercise but just getting up, getting out of that space will make you feel better. Will prepare you to do the second 50 minutes. After the second 50 minutes, then you probably have a light snack. Try to stay away from simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are obviously lots of sugars or pastries and stuff like that that’s horrible. They’ll just make you go to sleep. If you can get a protein snack or something like that, that’s really good. That’s better. It’s a more sustained energy. More complex carbohydrates is a more sustained energy. By that, I mean it makes your blood sugar levels level instead of spiking your blood sugar way high and then dropping way low which makes you wanna fall asleep.

This is probably a (bleep) way to do this video but…

The thing that helped me is to develop habits. Habits, we always talk about…People always talk about, “Oh, I have a habit of smoking,” or whatever. But we really don’t know what that exactly means or a lot of people don’t know exactly what that means. A habit is, I talk about this a ton so if you ever watch my other videos you’re probably like I know what a habit is, a habit is a trigger, a routine, and then a reward.

An example is you go into your kitchen every morning and for the last 10 years, you’ve been having 10 pieces of bacon and five pieces of toast with maple syrup every time you walk into your kitchen in the morning. That’s gonna trigger you to want to eat that.

If you can develop a habit, habits are obviously created over time. Actually, some people say that it takes about 60, well some people say it takes about 67 days to create a habit. You wanna set up your environment the best you can to develop that habit in the first couple months because it’s really difficult to develop a new habit. So if you have distractions or whatever, then it’s gonna be hard to keep doing that.

If you’re studying, have all your stuff out or know where you’re gonna go and have your books ready or your computer and stuff like that, or your notes, and don’t try to scramble the morning of. Then you can’t find anything and then two hours later, you barely got started. You understand what I’m saying? So make sure you start on time and just have everything, your environment, set up for that. Then if you can create that habit of doing that every single day after a couple months, you will be like a machine. Your brain, when you get up, will tell you, “I need to study today.”

If you’re doing it everyday, if you’re in college or something like that and you’re studying everyday for 50 minutes in blocks and you’re doing two and three hours a day like that, then you’re gonna start doing well on tests. So that’ll be the reward, really, for you. That you’ll be doing so much better. That was the reward for me. When I started putting the time in very consistently instead of trying to cram for every test, I figured out that I wasn’t stupid and I was doing really well. That was my reward. That strove me to study more everyday and then at med school…

Med school, I was totally pressured by. So I started studying as much as possible, 12 – well, probably not 12 hours a day – but a good eight hours a day everyday. Maybe 10 hours. And because I was doing that very consistently ’cause I was so petrified, I ended up developing a habit of studying eight to 10 hours a day. And then after a while, I was doing really well on the tests. I actually got an Academic Achievement Award the first semester. And everybody thought I was a party animal. I don’t know why. I just went out on the weekends like everybody else. So I got that award and everybody was really shocked. But I was, during the week, I was studying eight to 10 hours a day and everybody else was (bleep) around and they were studying here and there.

So those are my two tips for learning how to study for med school, for eight to 10 hours a day. Use 50-minute blocks, make sure you get some exercise between those, don’t eat a lot of simple carbohydrates, and then use the habit. Develop a habit. Make your brain want to do this and then it’ll become much easier and everybody’ll be wondering why you’re doing so well.

I hope you guys liked those tips there. If you’re a medical student or a nursing student or a PA student or a NP or a…What else is out there? Everything. It works with everything. I hope you guys liked these.

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