How To Study Better Instantly! #1 SECRET!

What’s up, you guys? Hey, thanks for watching this video.

In this video, I wanna talk to you about how you can improve your studying instantaneously. I’m not just saying instantaneously because it’s a power word and it’s known to sell more (bleep). Okay, maybe I am saying it a little bit, but I am also gonna for reals – no (bleep) – tell you how you can improve your studying instantaneously at some point. Not right away though because that’s how I do (bleep).

I was listening to a podcast the other day actually. Jim Kwik, K-W-I-K, has a podcast. And it’s all about learning and stuff. I don’t (bleep)ing make this (bleep) up by myself. I get a little from other people too, but anyway, he was talking about a concept which really struck a chord with me. And that is the concept of labels, and there actually was a guest on his show…podcast…who talked about how she was…I can’t (bleep)ing remember her name. I’m sorry. It’s episode 49 or, no, episode 59 of his podcast.

She was talking about how she gave herself a label early in life and stuck with that label, and I was like, “Damn! That’s profound.”

Because we do do that, and there is…oh, (bleep). I forgot the name of this effect! There’s some effect. It’s psychological. Some whatever, but our brains like to have continuity. And so if we decide on a label for ourselves or somebody else decides on a label for ourselves, our brain likes to have continuity. So it likes to keep that label, and it wants to do things that are consistent and continuous with that label, which is an interesting concept because a lot of people talk about…

Students. You guys email me and direct message me and whatever, and you say I can’t take tests well. Or I’m just not a good studier. I can’t sit down and read. What do I do? Well, the first (bleep)ing thing you gotta do is quit telling yourself you can’t! You don’t. And all this other (bleep). You’re labeling yourself.

I think that I also did that for a while. I have another video where I talk about I was a class clown and all that stuff, and that was my schtick. And that’s what everybody knew me for, and then pretty soon I decided that’s what I was. And I wasn’t a studier, and I wasn’t getting good grades. And I wasn’t top of the class. I wasn’t that person, and I decided that. And I kept that label for myself, and, luckily, I didn’t keep it forever.

I didn’t really know that concept. I had no (bleep)ing clue of that concept. Until the last few years I think really…I’ve understood it a little bit more.

We also see this in work and in school. In residency, people get labeled immediately in residency. I was labeled the IMG…the pre-lim resident.

If you guys don’t know about residency, especially general surgery, there’s a lot of…there’s categorical and preliminary. Categorical residents are accepted into the program, and they have a five-year – guaranteed five-year spot. Unless they get fired, obviously. Screw up. The preliminary don’t. They have a one-year spot, and after that, it just depends on if they like you and if there’s room for you to be kept in the residency.

For example, our residency kept…They were allowed to graduate six. But they started with six categorical and two preliminary residents each year because it was a very difficult program and probably malicious as well, and so people quit and/or were fired every single year. And so they knew that they had some room, so they brought me on as a preliminary resident because I was an IMG. And I got labeled as a pre-lim IMG, and the other residents who went to school at University of Michigan or Boston University and all these prestigious schools labeled me as the dumb kid.

Well, then I took the ABSITE, which is the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination, which is the test you take every year in general surgery residency. And I got the highest (bleep)ing grade on that mother(bleep)er, and then from then on, I was the smart kid. And they labeled me that, and then my brain wanted to be continuous with that label. And so every test and every question, I wanted to answer. I wanted to be the person that was answering that question. The first that everyone looked to for the right answer, and it’s almost automatic motivation. It’s an internal motivation that you don’t even know you have. You’re thinking, “Oh, I have to go do this.” You’re like, “No, I wanna go read this so that way I’m the best because everybody calls me the best. And I’m gonna (bleep)ing keep that (bleep).”

When I say that you can improve your studying instantaneously, I really mean that. But you gotta believe it.

First, you should figure out what label you have. Have you labeled yourself? And have other people labeled you? Find out what that is. Figure that out.

Next, decide is it a good label. Do you wanna keep that label? If you don’t, then it’s easy. Then you get to decide. Because here’s the thing. Most of the time, we get a label. We get labels. We don’t really choose these labels, so now that you know, you can go out and just decide what label you want. You (bleep)ing start telling people that.

If you’re a high school or a college student…

I had a tough time saying I’m pre-med. I didn’t wanna tell anybody that because I was embarrassed that I wasn’t good enough, so people would be like, “What are you doing in college?” Which would, “I’m majoring in biology.” I wouldn’t be like, “I’m pre-med.”

Other people were like, “I’m pre-med. I’m gonna be a doctor.”

One of the things you can do is if you’re in high school or college, just be like, “I’m pre-med. I’m gonna be a doctor.”

“What are you gonna do?”

“I’m gonna be a doctor.”

Period. There’s no questions about that, right?

It’s politicians, right? They tell people something enough times, everyone believes it whether it’s (bleep)ing true or not. It doesn’t matter, so this is the same thing. You just start telling people that you’re a doctor. Pretty soon, you’ll believe that (bleep). And they will too. Then they’ll come back, and they’ll be like, “Hey! Oh, the pre-med. Hey, the doctor. The future doctor.”

They’ll be all your aunts and uncles and (bleep) like that. They’ll be doing that kind of stuff, and then it’s a cycle. You put it out there, and it comes- Pretty soon, it starts coming back to you. And you’re like, “Yeah. Yeah, I am a (bleep)ing future doctor.”

Your brain believes it. Then you start studying like it, so just gotta start somewhere.

That’s the whole fake it till you make it thing, but that’s the psychology behind it. It’s for real.

I hope you guys like these videos, I hope you liked this video. I think this is a good one. I thought the whole labeling thing is really interesting.

We label lots of people too. We label them as drug addicts, alcoholics and stuff. How do you think that plays into their psyche and helps them continue to be a drug addict? I bet you it does.

I don’t know. What the (bleep) do I know? I’m just a surgeon. I don’t know (bleep).

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