How Do You Pick Which Area of Medicine to Go Into?!

What’s up, you guys? Hey. Thank you guys for watching this video once again. It is actually Father’s Day today, and when I was writing my Father’s Day post – because I do that. ‘Cause my dad is having fun by himself. He doesn’t have time for that shit, so I have to write a post so that way, my mom will see it. And then she’ll make my dad read it. (Bleep) like that.

Anyway, I’m thinking about that. And I’m thinking about how I got into medicine, and some of you guys know that my dad was big into hunting. And he took me hunting. I am gonna get to a point in this video. Actually, I have a really good topic.

He took me hunting when I was young, and that is when I started seeing the inside of animals. That’s how I got interested in medicine. I mean, not directly in medicine. But I was like, “What is this? What are these organs? How do they work? This is some cool stuff. I wanna know what these things are.” And he’s really the person that passed down…He was very adept at doing everything.

He got me into skiing, and that’s one of my number one things that I love to do. And I was thinking about that, and then why I went into medicine. And then the question I always get, “How do I choose to go into medicine? How do I choose what area in medicine to go into?”

And I talked about this before, but I think this- Thinking about Father’s Day today really was like, “This is a good topic to talk about.” And that is what do you have an advantage in?

For me, I played video games. I had already been exposed to organs. I was coordinated and was interested in science, and after I screwed some things up, then I realized that I could study for long periods of time.

All of my advantages leaned towards a surgical career. On top of that, I always wanted to be the superhero. All kids wanna be a superhero, right? But I really like to be that person who took care of (bleep) in an emergent situation.

That’s what emergency general surgeon was more my speed, so that’s what I would say. First, I would try and decide if you wanna do surgery, not surgery. For some people, that’s a really easy decision because everyone talks bad about surgery before you go and do surgical rotation because it’s really hard. And surgeons are assholes, which is correct.

You have to be interested in it before you go into it, but I will tell you that a lot of students that I had came through really (bleep)ing their pants in surgery. Being in surgery, scared about it. And then really liked it. I turned a few people to the dark side when they didn’t think they were gonna go into surgery because it was very fucked. It is very fucked.

I think if you’re a manual dexterity type of person and you like to do stuff with your hands and fix things like that, then probably for you, that’s a surgical career.

Surgery honestly is not that much thinking. It’s less thinking. In my opinion. I don’t know. Maybe- ‘Cause it’s been a while now that I had to think less ’cause I do it so often. It’s more like fixing, but medicine is more thinking because you’re looking at a patient. You’re not really seeing stuff. I get to see stuff. I’m like, “Oh, that appendix is rotten. Oh, that gallbladder is rotten. Oh, I have to do this part. There’s a peptic ulcer here. I gotta do a gastrogestinostomy.” And I get to put them together, and I go, “Does this look good? This looks pretty good. I don’t know. This little pink- This pink, and this is the purple. I don’t know if this is gonna live.” I get to see stuff.

I couldn’t do medicine if I never saw what was going on ’cause I feel like a lot of medicine is you’re taking signs and symptoms here and there, and you’re putting them together. You’re building a map or an image in your head about what’s going on in there.

And let me tell you, some medicine doctors get it right. And some do not. I’ll tell you that much right now, but that is beside the point.

That’s where I’d start.

And then when you’re studying this stuff, okay, and you’re in med school and you’re like, “Oh, the kidney’s (bleep)ing amazing. Holy (bleep)! Look at all the things a kidney does!” Maybe you should be a neprologist. Or heart. Cardiovascular system. You’re like, “Wow. This is amazing.” Then you maybe start thinking about cardiology or cardiothoracic surgery, depending if you’re somebody that likes to fix stuff.

Anyway, basically, go in surgery, okay? ‘Cause it’s more fun. If you don’t like fun, go into medicine. That’s a joke. A lot of you (bleep)ers cannot take a joke, or you don’t know what a joke is because I get a lot of messages that I’m an asshole. And I don’t like my colleagues and what a prick I am and I would never go to an arrogant surgeon like that. What an asshole. It’s a (bleep)ing joke, people! Do you not understand what the (bleep) a joke is?

Oh my God. Where did you (bleep)ers grow up? Who teaches you this? Who teaches you no joke city? I don’t understand. No smiling. Just walking. “I’m just doing my job. No jokes. Mm-mm. No fun for me. Mm-mm. To the store, home, bed. Back to work.”

Well, too bad for that (bleep).

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And then I’ll help you!

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