What’s up, people? I am back. Sorry I had a little hiatus there, but I got a little busy if you didn’t notice. I made a study course, which is pretty awesome. You should check that out, but that is not the topic of this video.

The topic of this video is about an article I saw yesterday on Medscape, which said, “Phsycians now have the highest suicide rate of…” I don’t know. “People working?” or something like that. In addition to the high suicide rate, among physicians was psychiatrists had the highest, which is a little bit interesting to me. You don’t really think psychiatrists would have a high suicide rate because you’re like, “Oh, they sit in an office. They do nine to five.” I don’t really know what a psychiatrist- I’m making this up a little bit. Less stress than when you have somebody’s non-beating heart in your hand, and you’re trying to do cardiac- internal cardiac massage manually. Cardiac massage.

You’d think that would be a higher stress level, and thus, those people would have more suicide like emergency, trauma, cardiac, cardiothoracic, things like that. Turns out, according to this article on Medscape, it’s psychiatrists. So a couple of thoughts. First of all, my instinct is saying, “No fucking way. That can’t be true.” Because we always think of psychiatrists as having cushy job compared to surgeons. That’s what surgeons do, so you think everybody has an easier job than themselves. But on second thought, this makes a lot of sense to me. The reason this makes a lot of sense to me is because over the last few years, I’ve really honed in on and embraced and understood more and more the fact that what goes in – inputs, your eyes, your ears, your brain – affects what comes out.

Or molds, I guess, what comes out. In a sense of, if you hear something more or you see something more, you’ll act upon that more. In that sense, it makes complete, perfect sense that psychiatrists would have a higher suicide rate because they’re constantly curing the problems of other people. If you continuously have the problems of other people on your mind, then you’re gonna also think about problems. And you’re gonna go, I would think you would go into this negative type of outlook on life or the world in general. I certainly know that when I have bad situations at work, I go there as well.

I get, not depressed. I used to get depressed, but not depressed now. But it certainly affects your home life, and it affects how you think about everything. Does that make sense? So abso-(bleep)ing-lutely, psychiatrists probably have- I believe it. I believe it. I had to think about this. I believe that article that psychiatrists have the highest suicide rate. My second thought on this. When I started doing YouTube and Instagram and stuff, I got a little pushback. Every once and a while, I’d get a little bit too. I got a message yesterday saying I’m an asshole for something. I can’t remember what it was. At first I was devastated. I’d see these things, and people were like, “What are you doing? You’re making the profession look bad. You’re making yourself look bad. You’re making the hospital look bad.” All this stuff.

I had to think about that for a second because I was like, “Maybe I am, man. Maybe I’m doing this stuff, and it’s for the wrong reasons. Maybe I’m making myself look bad, and I gotta think about this.” But because of a lot of the other positive comments I got, and most of them were- Like, 95 plus percent of the comments I get are positive, which thank you guys very much. That’s pretty amazing. That fueled me. I was like, “No, I’m doing the right thing. I gotta keep doing this because it is helping a lot of people.” I mean, it’s helping me too. I feel good about helping people. It’s one of the best things you can do, and I have another video on that too by the way. It’s coming. Not yet. I’m getting to the point here. Hold on. Then I hear from people that are like, “Oh, I wanna do this with school. I wanna go take these classes, but my parents are telling me that I shouldn’t take that class. Or I shouldn’t do this, or I shouldn’t do that. Or this is the way I should do it.”

It’s like, “Okay, are your parents doctors?” For instance, if somebody wants to be – they’re undergraduate or they’re in high school – if they wanna take certain classes but their parents don’t want them to take that. They want them to take something else. It’s like, “Okay, are your parents successful in that sense?” And it’s like, “No.” So why are you listening to them? That’s where it started, and then I started thinking about, “How many people in the world are successful?” Successful in a big fucking way. Blowed out like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg. Although I (bleep)ing hate Zuckerberg. People that have done something significant. And then there’s a significant number of those people, but think about the percentage of those people that actually for reals went from nothing, built something themselves, blew it out, were amazing, and they also help other people doing shit.

Not just like these fucking corporate douchebags. How many people are that? What is the percentage of the world that’s really going big and doing something amazing? It’s about two percent. There’s a couple books on this. It’s about two percent of the population in the entire world are really doing something extraordinary, so then my question is to you, “Why the (bleep) are you listening to the 98%?” My mom told me this, my friends told me that, my cousin said this, everybody’s telling me not to do that.

Blah blah blah blah blah. (Bleep)ing amazing? If they’re not amazing, you give them the big (bleep)ing finger, middle finger. I mean, you can do it in your mind. You don’t have to give them the middle finger in their face ’cause that could cause some problems, but that’s the point. You cannot (bleep)ing listen to everybody. Matter of fact, you can’t listen to almost anybody! Two percent of the population you should probably be listening to. If you wanna be a doctor and you are listening to every doctor that tells you what to do, you’re going the wrong way. You can’t listen to the majority of people because they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Do I know what the (bleep) I’m doing telling you guys this?” Well, I can’t say that I’ve blown it out, but I’m doing better. Every week is awesome, and it’s getting better. So I feel like I’m doing pretty good. Now you may think that my style’s not for you or something like that. That’s okay, but I would say to find the two percent- Whatever it is you wanna do, find the two percent of people that you do need to listen to. Fuck everybody else. You need to filter all that shit coming in, and don’t be a psychiatrist. They just let anything in. They just listen to it all, and they try to help somebody.

Fuck that. You ain’t got time for that (bleep). You wanna find the people because that’s the hard part. Finding the two percent that you do need to listen to is what you need to do. The 98%, you’re just gonna be, all (bleep)ing day long, they’re gonna be coming at you. And you just filter it out. Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. Everyday, when somebody’s talking to me and they’re telling me something to do, I’m like, “Matter, doesn’t matter?” This is what I do in surgery. I go see a patient. Sick? Not sick? Surgery? Not surgery? Okay? Those are the basics. This is what I need to figure out first. What you need to figure out first is, “Listen? Not listen?” And then when you do find somebody that you’re like, “Oh, I need to listen to this person,” then pay more attention and go after that. And then find more people like that.

I feel like that was a pretty good video. I’ve been wanting to talk about that for a while.

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