How to Nail the Interview for Med School and Actually Get In!

What’s going on, party people? It’s Dr. Buck.

I’m making a little trip right now, but I have a really good video. I’m actually in my land cruiser, ’96 land cruiser. It’s got all this crazy (bleep) on it, but one thing it does not have is (bleep)ing heat! I don’t know what happened, but it is winter. And I’m going to Jackson. I’m going from Salt Lake City to Jackson. It’s a four and a half hour drive, and Jackson’s temperature right now is four. And I don’t have any (bleep)ing heat in this thing hence the jacket.

I also wanted to show you guys something else. I’m going to my twin nephews’ birthday party, and I got them these little jackets. But look at the wrapping paper I got, which is from Black Rifle Coffee Company. I actually do like their coffee. Anyway, I thought I’d show you guys this. It’s pretty funny. Hilarious. I know a lot of people don’t like guns, and they think it’s bad. If you don’t, here you go.

What I wanted to make this video about is how to interview for med school. I interviewed, of course, for med school. I interviewed a bunch of places. I did not get into med school, so I don’t know if you really wanna listen to me. But over the years, I’ve also interviewed people. I also study a lot about psychology, so I don’t know why I’ve taken interest in this. But I guess that when I made my website before, I was interested in selling products. And it was a lot of psychology, and I started reading a lot of sales stuff. And it’s mostly psychology, and so I found that fascinating and started reading more about that and psychology of performance and being successful and that kind of psychology.

I got one book and one video that you should watch and/or read if you can. The first one is called Pre-Suasion, and it’s by Robert Cialdini, I think it is. I think that a psychologist or a psychiatrist wrote this book, and he first wrote a book. Oh, (bleep). I can’t remember, but it’s the reason people buy things.

The point of this is that you’re selling yourself to the med school, right? Where you’re gonna interview. You need to sell yourself, and so that’s why this is important.

The psychology of pre-suasion is real- So there’s a bunch of things that trigger people to buy. Things like a reciprocity, so if I go and I give somebody something first, right? And then later, I ask them to buy something for me. They are more apt to buy something for me because you have given them something first. That’s reciprocity.

Cialdini then wrote a book called Pre-Suasion, which is before you go and ask for a sale. What are the things that you can do to influence that person before you open your mouth? So that’s a really interesting concept, and if you think about it, it’s really how our brains work all the time. We’re always judging people, and so if you show up somewhere for an interview, how are they judging you? And what can you do to influence that?

The other thing that goes with this is that there’s a woman that’s a TedX that basically says testosterone is made at a higher rate when you stand full upright and actually…She calls it the Superman pose where you have your hands on your hips and your feet shoulder width apart. That produces confidence. If you have confidence, then you will perform better whatever you’re doing.

If you take those two things together, I think they’re important for when you go and interview for med school. Like I said, some of my videos are tactics. And some of them are psychology and mindset and philosophy, so this is a philosophy one really.

You need to go into that interview being confident. You can’t be a jackass. You can’t be overconfident because that’s…with a bunch of other surgeons, they all think they’re the best. And so if you think you’re the best and you’re better than them, then they will think you’re an (bleep)hole. And they won’t wanna work with you. You do need to have some confidence.

If you combine these two philosophies of pre-suasion and increasing your testosterone and confidence so that you will be successful, you come in with an attitude of I can do this. I’m the right person for this spot, and you will have an air about you. Pre-suasion, so when you walk in, you’re not…

I have a problem. Often, I hunch over. And you shouldn’t be hunched over. You should be standing up straight. You should be presenting yourself with a smile and all that good stuff. That will, instead of being super scared when you’re going into an interview, which a lot of people are, think about that. Standing. You’re probably not gonna stand with your hands on your hips in front of everybody, but if you can find a spot to do that before you go into the interview, that’s probably gonna be helpful.

Interesting story is that I actually failed my oral exam for my boards for general surgery boards the first time. I was so (bleep)ing scared, and I was petrified. And I just had an attitude like I was gonna fail, and I didn’t know what I was doing and all this other stuff. But even though I had been studying a lot and I knew a lot more than a couple of my friends that took the test at the same time who passed. And so the second time I read all about this, and I watched that video and stuff. And I actually did that before I went into each room. I stood there like a jackass in the Superman pose, and I passed. You gotta have knowledge and stuff like that too, but I do think that helped me.

My point of this video is that you do need to be confident in that interview, and you need to come with an attitude of you’re the right person for this. And there’s no question about that. You don’t wanna be overly cocky, but you need to be confident. When you go in there, you need to pre-suade these interviewers that you’re the right person for that.

The pre-suasion part comes in because, first of all, you have to dress nice. You have to have a smile on your face. You have to wear all the good colors. People like blue, the color blue, and green. So those are the two most popular colors. I think everybody basically goes into their medical school interview in a black suit, which is okay. But if you’re gonna have a tie or something else, I would go with a blue one. Not a crazy electric blue or whatever but just a pretty, plain blue or a green. Those are positive colors. Red is good, but it’s a little aggressive color. Purple is in between, so I would stick with a blue tie if you have that.

For girls, if you have some accent, I would put blue on as well.

Those are the pre-suasion…

I don’t know if this video was straightforward, but I think you understand what I’m getting at. There’s two big factors before you even open your mouth. Being confident and having that look on your face of confidence and your walk because you need to pre-suade them before anything happens.

By the way, when you go to an interview, they always say, “Well, when you go to your interview, you may be talking to other people. You may be talking to residents, you may be talking to other staff.”

And they say, “Yeah, well, when you go in to talk to an interviewer…”

(Bleep) that. It’s all interview. From the minute you step onto that hospital, into the hospital or into that program, anybody you talk to, they are interviewing you. Do not mistake that. Don’t ever let your guard down. I mean, you need to be yourself. But you can’t let your guard down and say, “Oh, well, I didn’t do good on step one or…”

Blah blah blah.

“I have these doubts.”

Never (bleep)ing do that (bleep). They’re all listening, and they’re all watching at all times. So you don’t ever wanna do that, so I guess this really applies to med school and residency interviews. It’s pretty much the same thing.

All right. I hope you guys liked that video. Leave your comments and questions below, and subscribe to the channel if you like it. And I’ll get you more awesome videos!

All right. Take care.

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