Medical Jobs are SO EASY! Once You’re in…You Barely Do Anything!

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In this video, I wanna talk about something that has been on my mind for a while. I see more and more problems with a lot of medical students. Actually, I get a lot of instant messages from high school students, even junior high students, that ask me about how to get into a med school and how to be successful. Not so much be successful but mostly how to get into med school, but that is leading to becoming a physician or a doctor or surgeon and then translates into being successful as a person in the world, I guess, depending on how you define that.

It’s not that (bleep) complicated, but I also recognize that when I was that age I always had a dream to go live on a beach and go…At the time, there was no (bleep) laptop computers. Since there’s been laptop computers, I’ve been like, “Oh…” After that, I was like, “Oh man, it would be so awesome if I just lived- sat on a beach or lived on a beach and then didn’t have to talk to anybody and use my laptop and I just made all sorts of money. I could just live. Surf in the morning, and then I could travel around and go and do whatever. Not work that much! Work one, two hours a day.”

There’s a lot of people who like to talk about, “Oh, I’m gonna work one or two hours a day. You work five hours a week, and you make millions and millions of dollars and you’re really successful.” Blah blah blah.

I’m just here to tell you that is not reality. That is (bleep) stupid. I’m not sure where the (bleep) it came from. This whole concept of not working very much or retiring early when you’re 30 or something like that. That sounds so (bleep) stupid.

First of all, what the (bleep) are you gonna do? I mean, you can travel and do (bleep). Surf and stuff like that everyday for a while but then you are not contributing anything to society or to your life, and you’re not doing anything that you can be proud of. Unless that’s your profession. Unless you wanna be a professional surfer. That’s a whole different thing. Now you’re working everyday, all day, by surfing.

The whole concept of trying to work a little bit and get a lot just doesn’t pan out, anybody that’s successful…Look at all the (bleep) big billionaires or whoever in society. They’re not- They don’t sit back and be like, “Oh, I made a billion. Awesome. I’m gonna sit back, and I’m gonna sit on the beach and do nothing.” No. They take vacations and (bleep), yeah, but they’re working most of the time.

The reason I think, chicken or the egg, but the reason they’re successful is ’cause they’re working all the (bleep) time. The reason they’re working all the time is ’cause they like it! They like what they’re doing. I think that’s a really important thing to understand and know. To be super successful, especially in medicine, it takes so much effort. It’s a constant thing. It’s a 24/7 job. Job. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not really a career even. I mean, a career, you go to 9-to-5. You, “I’m a baker, and I go 9-to-5 to my baking career. I work the corporate ladder. I go corporate as (bleep).”

Medicine is not like that (bleep). It’s 24/7. Your patients physiology never stops. Once you operate on a patient, that’s yours forever.

Yesterday I came out of vacation just a couple days, and yesterday I got, like, three or four calls. I’m not on. I’m not on-call. I’m not on- I’m not in the (bleep) state. But these patients- I give my cell phone to my patients if I operate on them because I want them to come to me with a problem if they had a problem. So they call me. It just never stops. It’s a 24-hour, seven day a week job – if you wanna call it a job – lifestyle.

That’s the kind of mindset you have to have, and I think- I don’t think it changes for anything. All these successful billionaire, entrepreneurs and stuff, they’re the same. They go 24/7, but they- you talk to them. They (bleep) love that (bleep). Whatever they’re doing, they love it. They do it so much because they’re almost addicted to it. It’s almost like they’re addicted just like people are addicted to their cell phone, which I kind of am.

Most people are addicted to whatever job or whatever thing they have, and I think medicine should be the same way. You’re always looking at (bleep). You’re always like, “Oh man. What is that? What’s this?” You’re always looking things up. I mean, I’m seven years out of my residency and you’re constantly learning (bleep). The more you learn the more you realize you don’t know what the (bleep) is going on. The more you learn the more you realize you need to learn more. That’s an interesting thing. Even the older guys talk to you, the surgeons and stuff, they understand that too. It’s never-ending, and it’s okay. You better (bleep) know that (bleep). You can’t go into medicine being like, “I’m gonna do my residency and then I’m gonna be rich, and it’ll be awesome. I’m gonna sit back and have an easy time.”

I could’ve made that mistake honestly. I came out of my residency, I went to a small town. Actually, right here and started working. But I was also trying to ski a lot and have fun and enjoy the outdoors and stuff like that, and I just did it too much. I didn’t realize how much medicine is a lifestyle. You should always be in it even on your days off. Think about it; it’s amazing. It can be fun. If you look at it like that, it’s way better. You won’t feel like you’re working all the time if you have that mindset, and it’s all in here. Anything else except how you look at it. If you look at your work as work, you’re gonna be upset because you’re working all the time. If you don’t look at your work- If you look at your work as your life’s purpose or your life’s work or that you’re helping somebody else or just plain (bleep) fun – surgery’s (bleep) fun! That’s why I do it. It’s awesome.

To do surgery, you have to learn a lot of (bleep). You have to constantly be educating yourself and constantly be checking to see what’s going on.

I don’t wanna say millenials, but it’s (bleep) millenials. You guys don’t wanna (bleep) work. You wanna sit on your ass and do yoga and meditate. You ain’t gonna be successful like that unless you wanna teach meditation and yoga. You know what I’m saying? You gotta get your ass up.

My mother, I don’t know, it was some argument about homes in Jackson. Jackson’s a very affluent community. There’s billionaires living there, and the price of the homes are very expensive. It’s kind of like Malibu, California. You can’t walk in there and buy a two-bedroom house, or a three-bedroom house for $200,000. They’re, like, a million dollars. So people are complaining that prices are too high. It’s bull(bleep). Nobody can live there and stuff and so they want cheap housing.

I understand their argument, but my mother, she goes, “You know how you buy a house in Jackson? You work your (bleep) ass off for 20 years first! Save your (bleep) money, and you don’t spend it on dumb (bleep)! And then maybe after 20 years, if you (bleep) work your ass off hard enough, then maybe you can buy a house there.” That’s not totally true, but you can buy a point. Her point is that it takes a lot of work unless you’re born into a family that’s a billionaire family. It takes a lot of work! You can rise above. You can get out of that. A lot of it is mindset, but it takes a lot of work.

I didn’t really start doing well until a few years ago, I’m 43, probably until I was about 41. I decided to go into medicine. I just- I told myself I wanted to do it when I was 17. I didn’t really commit to it until I was about 22. And then I really didn’t start being what people would call successful until about 41, 42 years old. So that’s about 20 years.

You can do it early, sooner, in a lot of other industries but nobody gets to do a (bleep) thoracotomy except surgeons. I tell you that (bleep) right now. Ain’t no banker doing thoracotomies.

Anyway, I hope you guys liked that video. It’s a little bit of rambling, but I think it’s very important to understand you have to work your (bleep) ass off. There’s no early retirement if you wanna do anything of significance. Let’s put it that way. I’ll leave it at that.

All right, thanks for watching these videos you guys. I appreciate it. I’m going skiing today, so I’ll take some videos up there. It’ll be fun. All right, take care.

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