How I Made $1.2 Million During Surgery Residency!!

Hey, what’s up, you guys?

Hey, thanks for coming to this video. I think you’re gonna like it a lot. In this video, I’m gonna tell you how I made $1.2 million during my surgery residency. First, I’m gonna tell you a little story.

I did general surgery, five-year general surgery and then a year of research. The research I did was for NASA and Henry Ford Hospital. It was about ultrasound for space trauma. During that time, your schedule is much better, or easier, than when you’re actually in residency. So I had, obviously, a job to do with the research, but I also had a lot of free time.

I had always been thinking that I wanted to make my own business since a long time ago. I wanted to be a doctor and that takes, obviously, a lot more time and effort and commitment. But I definitely wanted to have a separate business as a separate income. Multiple streams of income. Most people talk about that all the time. I took that opportunity, during my research here, to start researching also what kind of business I could get into. At the time, this was 2007, web businesses were not that hot yet as they are now. But they were starting to get a lot of traction. A lot of people were starting to buy things on the web. There was a lot of infomercials. People were still calling on the infomercials and buying products, but they were starting to really buy on the web. What ended up happening is I bought an infomercial myself – I don’t know if you guys remember, there was a workout video called Power 90, and it was Tony Horton and he later made P90X, which was super popular.

So I bought that when I was a medical student in, like, 2002 or 2001 or something, and I lost like 40 pounds doing that. So I really liked that product. I had before and after pictures, and I emailed that company and I said, “Hey, can I be an affiliate for you guys?” Basically, an affiliate is, you sell their product and they give you a commission like 10%, 25%, whatever it is you negotiate. Actually, it was kind of interesting. They were switching over their model from mainly infomercial or only infomercial to a multi-level marketing or network marketing. I wasn’t so hot on that idea, but I basically said, “Can I just build a website and sell your product and not do the recruiting thing?” You know, like everybody sells for me or whatever. And they said yes. Actually, I ended up getting invited to Beverly Hills, and they put me up at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I met Tony Horton and Shaun T and all these fitness guru guys, which was really cool. There was 35 people that started this in the network marketing portion and all of the other people were there because they were network marketing people, and I didn’t want anything to do with that. I just raised my hand and said, “Can I build a website and sell your stuff?” And they’re like, yeah. I went back and I started researching how to build a website and I know you’re thinking, “What are you doing? You’re a surgery resident and all of a sudden, you’re researching how to build a website. Why would you do that?” Because we’re surgery residents! We can (bleep) do anything, that’s why! And I was like, I just crushed surgery residency, I (bleep) up the app site, I’m gonna (bleep) this up too. So that’s what I did. I just decided to go balls-deep in that. I said, “(Bleep) it, I’m just gonna go all out. I’m gonna make this thing work.”

I actually ended up spending about 15 grand, putting it on my credit cards, to build a website. I had to have somebody help me eventually, commission them to build the backend and all this stuff. It was a Yahoo website at the time. It was a Yahoo e-commerce website. It was terrible. It hardly worked. It’s super simple now. You can build WordPress websites way easy. I ended up spending from December 2006 to April 2007 – I launched, actually, on April 1st, 2007; it was called I put all of their products on there because, basically, P90X was a super popular product at that time. They were crushing- They were spending millions of dollars on advertising and infomercials. So what I did was I used a Google search engine optimization techniques, and I got my website on the first page of Google so when you typed in P90X, basically what happened was people are watching the infomercial at two o’ clock in the morning. They would go – because it was starting to get popular to buy stuff off of the internet, people were fascinated that you didn’t have to talk to a human. You could just go buy it. So they type in P90X. My website was just, like, second behind the main company. They would click on P90X. They already were sold on it because of the infomercial, and they’d buy it. The first month, I did like $30,000 or $35,000 in sales. The company actually called me and was like, what the (bleep) are you doing? I just said, “Hey, I built this website. I’m just promoting it or whatever.” They didn’t really understand- That was not their deal, and they didn’t really understand all that stuff. A few months later, they came back and were like oh, you’re doing search optimization, you’re doing ads, buying ads, you can’t do all that stuff. So we ended up not being able to do the advertising, purchasing advertising. But by that time, I did a lot of search engine optimization. I wrote a lot of articles about P90X because I have a different perspective. It’s all about perspective, by the way. I’ll talk about that later. It’s all about perspective. It’s your perspective on a certain thing. I gave my perspective, I wrote a bunch of articles, I sent them out on the web. At that time, backlinking was a big deal so I made a bunch of backlinking. I’ll explain all this stuff in other videos if you don’t know.

I crushed it. I was number two for P90X for quite some time. My sales just kept getting larger and larger each month. I remember December 2007, I had to order the product from each body which is the main company and then it would come to my house. I had this P90X stacked up all over my living room. I had to then re-label them, send them-, go to the post office – I had a friend helping me with all this stuff. Because at this time, I was back in surgery residency. I had no (bleep) time. I had a friend help me re-ship them, so I was paying for shipping twice and I was still making money on it. I decided I couldn’t do that if…I couldn’t get people their P90X for Christmas if it was past the 16th of December. So I cut off all my sales. I just said, “I can’t get it to you after the 16th of December for Christmas.” On the 16th of December, I looked and I had $76,000 of P90X I sold. What ended up happening is I tried to do too much myself. I was in surgery residency. I ended up not being able to keep up with the company and the trends and all that stuff because once you have something successful, it just doesn’t coast. You always have to keep a lot of attention on it. That was a really good lesson for me. Ended up, basically, not paying enough attention to the website and dropped off the first page of Google. Once you do that, you’re dead. I just left it there. The website is still up actually, but I really don’t do anythign with it. I don’t make any sales.

I guess my point of the whole story is that we are not one-dimesional, and because you’re in surgery residency, or you’re a surgeon or you’re a doctor or PA or MP or whatever, doesn’t mean that you only have to do one thing. I will tell you that it takes a big ramp of time and a lot of focused effort to start something like that. But then I do know that after you get that going and become successful, you can hire other people to help you do that. That’s how people have multiple restaurants. Example is Donald Trump. He has multiple hotels. He does not clean every hotel room, right? He’s got a lot of people working for him. Once you have a good idea and you implement it and you become successful at one small thing, then you can ramp it up. I think a lot of people think that they can’t do anything else, but that’s not true. We can do multiple things. Now surgery and stuff takes a lot of time and effort, and there’s a big ramp-up to that as well. You have to pay attention to that. You can’t just let it go. First, you do a (bleep)load of work. After a while, that stuff becomes routine and you don’t have to put as much work in. You think of it like a rocket, right? To get a rocket from the ground, from the Earth, to space, there’s a ton of energy you have to put in. Once it gets to space, it coasts. That’s similar to when you’re starting a business. If you can get some people to help you, you don’t have to put quite as much energy into it. Now it’s 2017. It’s not exactly 2007. You can’t usually use that same thing. Although, you might be able to do that, depending on the product. What I’m seeing now, which is really cool, is a lot of medical students and a lot of residents and some of you guys maybe even watching this, are influencers on YouTube, on Instagram, on Facebook or whatever and you have a lot of followers. You’re your own product. You should be able to definitely supplement your income while you’re in residency or med school with being a influencer. What’s awesome about that is you can be [an] Instagram influencer as a medical student, and all you’re doing is using your experience. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s all from your perspective. It doesn’t matter that there’s a million medical students out there. I’m a general surgeon. There’s a ton of general surgeons out there, but this is my perspective. Every perspective is unique. That’s your product. That is the value that you have, that you are unique and your perspective on medical school is unique. If you already have a bunch of followers or if you want followers, that’s what you need to do. Use your own unique perspective. Once you get 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 followers – some of you guys have, I don’t have that but you guys do which is cool – then you can start going out to companies and saying, “Hey, I have a lot of people watching me. Can you supplement my med school costs or whatever it is.” And if you want help with the wording on those things and who to reach out to and stuff like that, you can email me. I’ll put my email in the comments below, or the space below, so you can get in touch with me if you want. I’ve got a lot of templates and stuff like that that you can use. I hope you enjoyed that little story there. I do this not to brag or anything, but I’m doing it just to inspire you guys and give you a different perspective on medical school, residency, being a surgeon, being a doctor, all that stuff. So I hope you enjoyed that, and I’ll talk to you in the next video. Take care.

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