Good morning, everybody. Hey, thank you guys for watching these videos once again. You guys are (bleep)ing awesome!

In this video, I want to talk about motivation in college, high school, med school, whatever. It’s really super important because, obviously, motivation is basically everything. The work is not impossible in, say, med school or college. If you’re not motivated to do it, you’re not gonna do it. So I have a little insight for you about some motivation.

When I was in residency actually, there was this movie that came out. And it’s not new thought process, but it was called The Secret. And it was like, “If you visualize your goals and everything, it’ll just magically appear.” And all this stuff and all these people talking about how they made these vision boards and wrote these things down and all this stuff, and then they magically appeared a couple years later or whatever.

At first, I was like, “Yeah, that’s cool. I like that concept.”

The universe is bringing all this back to you and giving you what you want, and it’s all magical and all this bull(bleep). So me, a man of science, I was like, “Yeah, I don’t know. Is it quantum physics? How is it exactly worked out? How the (bleep) is the brain sending magical signals, or is it physics? I wanna (bleep)ing know.”

I thought about this stuff for a while. This is the conclusion that I’ve come to. It is important to visualize your goals, okay? You have to write them down, you have to know where you’re going. If you start out on a trip across the country, you don’t have a (bleep)ing map, you don’t know where you’re going, you’re not gonna get there, right? You can’t. It’s not possible. If you don’t have a destination or you have a vague destination – you wanna go skiing, but you’re like, “I heard Colorado has good snow.” So you’re like, “All right, I’ll just go to Colorado.” You go up to Colorado, you go to Southern Colorado. There’s no (bleep)ing snow there. You’re like, “What the (bleep)? I was supposed to go to Colorado to go skiing, and there’s no snow. How am I supposed to ski?” It has to be specific. You have to know exactly what you want, and you have to write that down because we forget (bleep). We forget what we want, honestly. And I forget what I want, so you have to write those down.

And then you do have to, however you wanna think about it, you can say visualize. Or you can just say think about or whatever it is, but if you do that on a regular basis, then here’s the trick. It’s not magical. If you do visualize, then you will start to take action upon that visualization or goal. So the more you visualize that goal or think about that goal, the more you’ll take action on it. So that’s the trick, right? That’s the magic, which is not actually magic. The more you think about one thing, the more you will stimulate yourself to take action upon that. And action is the thing that gets those goals to you.

You can mentally masturbate (bleep)ing and watch as much YouTube as you want, right? But it doesn’t matter unless you take action upon that. Now watching YouTube videos are good because they motivate you to do stuff, but it’s not the video that’s bringing you, right? The goal. It’s you going out and taking action upon that video that you have in your head. You’re like, “Oh, this motivated me to go study today.” Or whatever. That’s the whole catch.

I think it’s an important concept to understand, and if people talk to you about visualizing goals and The Secret, whatever the (bleep) it’s supposed to be, you can say, “Yes and no.” Yes, it works. But it’s not (bleep)ing magic. It’s not the universe bringing you whatever you want. It’s you going out and getting that based on the action you take based on the motivation that you’re providing your brain.

If you provide your brain with lots of motivation, which is every single day maybe multiple times a day, looking at something or thinking about it, then you will go and take more action on it. My suggestion is to do exactly that is to, first of all, write down three things that you…main goals that you want. And then second is to just take a couple minutes every single day, maybe twice a day – twice to three times a day, actually, would be the best – and just visualize yourself already having that goal or already reached that goal. And then that will help you, throughout the day, stay motivated to do the actions that are required for that goal. All right?

I would do short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. A 10-year goal, a five-year, a one-year, and maybe a three-month.

If you’re in school and you have a test, maybe you just wanna get through that test. And you want a certain grade on that test. Maybe do that. Choose some short-terms. A lot of people talk about having a three-month goal, a one-year, and either a three or a five-year goal. So those are pretty common. And those also will motivate you because if you take too much, if you’re like, “Oh, I have a 20-year goal.” That’s really big. You don’t really believe, a lot of times, that you can get there. So it’s a fake thing. You don’t wanna bite off more than you can chew, but you do want to think about 10 times.

If you’re like, “Oh, I want one restaurant.” You don’t want one restaurant. You want 10 restaurants, so your first goal is the one. And then you’re gonna have a longer term goal. I will tell you a story.

I did do that in residency. I thought about a goal, and I visualized it. And it was right around the same time I was making that website that I talk about, selling the exercise DVDs. And my goal was $13,000 a month, okay? And that’s a (bleep)load for a resident. You usually make $1,500 or maybe $2,000 a month. Is that right? Yeah, something like that. No, probably more than that, I guess. No, after taxes, it’s probably $2,000.

I visualized that, and I thought about it. And a few months later, I got – no (bleep) – a check for 13 grand because I was just taking a lot of action based on those motivations.

I hope that helps you guys stay motivated to study. Sit your ass down, and read (bleep)ing books. Or watch lectures, whatever you gotta do.

It sucks real (bleep)ing bad. That’s why not everybody can do it. That’s why med school admission is hard because you have to stay motivated, and they know that a lot of people will drop out because a lot of the work is boring. You’re memorizing stuff that you probably are not gonna use later. It’s not a lot of fun. Some of it’s fun. Anatomy is fun, physiology is cool, pathology is cool. But (bleep)ing histology. Let’s skip histology. It’s so boring, histology. Never look at that shit. Never. Microbiology. I use microbiology but a very small portion of what I learned.

So, anyway, I hope you guys liked that video. And, hey, thank you guys for watching so much. Share, subscribe, like, comment, all that good stuff. And I’ll see you in the next one.

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