How To Get Into Med School! – This Actually Works!

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In this video, I’m gonna teach you how to get into med school for sure. I just wanna say thanks real quick for liking and commenting and watching my videos and subscribing to my channel, if you know what I mean. Hey, if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, go do that now would you? I’ll give you lots of more cool videos about how to get into med school. And once you’re into med school, what to do, how to kick ass, how to get good letters of recommendation, how to do awesome in your surgical rotation so you get a surgical residency if you wanna get that. All sorts of good (bleep).

In this video, though, I wanna talk about how to get into med school. If you know me and you know any of my videos, you will know that some of them are tactic videos like actual techniques to do (bleep). Other videos are philosophy. I think that having the right philosophy, having the right mindset, is super important. It cannot- You can’t be successful, go into med school, without the correct personal philosophy and personal mindset. This is one of those videos.

The concept I wanna talk about is underpromise and overdelivery. A lot of people talk about this concept and say that what you should do is underpromise and overdeliver to other people. But I think we also talk about underpromising ourselves and then expecting to overdeliver. We say, “Well, I wanna go to med school, but I’m going to go into communications,” or “I’m gonna go into education because I just wanna make sure that I have a secure job and that in case I don’t go into med school, I have something to fall back on.” I hear this a lot. It’s actually one of my pet peeves when I hear people say, “I want something to fall back on. Just in case plan A doesn’t work I have plan B.”

(Bleep) plan B. You need to stick with plan A, and you need to put all your eggs in one basket. Warren Buffett, the smartest guy- Smartest investor, one of the smartest investors ever to live said, “You don’t want your eggs-” A lot of people say, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Warren Buffett, one of the best investors of all time, said “Put all your eggs in one basket. You watch that (bleep) basket like a hawk.” That’s what he said.

My point is that, first of all, you need to make a decision. You need to make a decision. “Yes, I wanna go to med school. Yes, I wanna be a doctor.” Or “no, I don’t.” That is number one. You can’t half-ass things like this. You can half-ass other things like your breakfast, but you don’t wanna half-ass med school or attempting to get into med school. That’s a problem. If you’re gonna half-ass that, you might as well just not do it.

A, (bleep) plan B. That’s your first step. Second, the whole concept of underpromise and overdeliver, what that does is set you up for failure. Actually, a guy, Grant Cardone, introduced to me overpromise and then overdeliver. Which was, I think, was an interesting concept because what his point was is that once you commit to something…We’re all capable, at this point, we’re all capable. If you’re thinking about going into med school, then you’re probably capable of being a doctor. It’s not rocket science. It really doesn’t take an IQ that is above normal. It just takes a normal IQ and a lot of (bleep) hard work and dedication and commitment to be a doctor and to get into med school. I didn’t have that commitment when I was in college, in the first part of my college. I didn’t have that commitment and dedication. I changed that. And once I committed and decided, “This is what I’m gonna do,” then I figured out a way to do that. I went an unconventional route. You guys probably know that but anyway…You have to commit and his point is that once you overpromise, then you…It’s not just to yourself. You can’t just overpromise to yourself because I do that all the time. I put on my calendar, I put, like, 12 things on my calendar I’m gonna do today and I get one of them done. So I overpromise to myself, but that doesn’t really mean anything because I don’t tell anybody. But if I put on my calendar, “I’m gonna meet with you at seven a.m. I’m gonna meet with you at eight a.m. I’m gonna meet with you.” You know what I’m saying? “I have an operation at 11 and an operation at 11:30.” You know what I’m saying? Then all of a sudden, I have to meet those things. I overpromised everybody, but I find a way to get all those things done. That’s what my point is of this video is that you need to overpromise to somebody other than yourself, then overdeliver. You need to go out there and say, tell everbody, “I’m gonna go to med school. I’m gonna be a neurosurgeon.” Everyone’s like, “You’re a bull(bleep)…You can’t do that.” For me, when people tell me I can’t do something, that motivates me to prove them wrong. I love (bleep) proving people wrong. That doesn’t motivate everybody, I understand that, but I do understand that when you commit 100%, then you will find a way to get that done.

A lot of college students email me and say, “I think I wanna do this,” or whatever. But that’s not the answer. The answer is that you better be 100%, 1,000% sure that you wanna do that and you need to commit 100% of your life to doing that. Once you do that, then you’re in a position to figure (bleep) out. One of my mentors used to say all the time, “The deadline is the ultimate inspiration.” You are inspired if you have a paper to write. You won’t write that thing for months and then two days before, all of a sudden, you’ll have all these creative ideas and (bleep) [because] the deadline is there.

The same thing is with commitment. When you commit to something like that, you just figure (bleep) out. You’re not thinking about plan B and going, “Well, maybe plan B is better.” You just commit 100%. And then it turns out that you’ll be fine.

I commited to being a surgeon. First of all, I didn’t get into a US med school so I found another way. Then when I did my match, I did a match because I didn’t wanna go to this one program, which was idiotic. That was a big mistake. Don’t do that. But because I didn’t match, now I’m in a position that I don’t have a job, I may not be a surgeon at all. Best bet, I go do a family medicine, or pediatrics business. Those are the easier programs to get into. But I was like, “No, I’m commited to being a surgeon.” I didn’t care. For me, I didn’t care about being a doctor. I just wanted to be a surgeon. So when I got to that point, I just was like, “All right well, I’m gonna find a way. I’m committed 100%.” And you know those signs that people- On the back of their car. California or bust or whatever. That was surgeon or bust. That was it. There were no options. Failure is not an option.

I really think that’s [an] important thing to think about is that overpromise and overdeliver and tell everybody that you’re doing whatever it is you wanna do because then that will force you to commit and that will force you to then overdeliver. You’ll find a way.

I think it’s a really important concept. I never really thought about it like that until I heard this guy, Grant Cardone, say that. I thought it was really important. I thought it was very applicable to medical school and residency and all that stuff we’re doing.

Anyway, I hope you guys liked this video. Subscribe, like, share, comment. I love all your comments. It’s so much fun. I’m having a great time doing this (bleep). See you guys next time. Take care.

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