What’s up you guys!? Hey, thanks for watching this video.

In this video, I am going to actually recap a little because of how a lot of our new subscribers, some people don’t know my whole story. And I wanna just re-tell that real quick for people who don’t know why the hell I’m doing these videos.

So first of all, my name is Buck Parker. I’m a general surgeon. I’m a board certified general surgeon. I have been out of residency since 2010. I’ve been doing acute care surgery, which is basically emergency surgery and trauma.

So the reason I started making these videos is-, a lot of people started asking me how I went from, basically, almost failing out of college to getting into medical school and then a surgical residency.

Let me just tell you I was a really crappy student in college, didn’t really have any direction. When I was 17, I saw a documentary on surgery, and I was like, these guys are (bleep) badass. Like, this is what I wanna do. But I was kind of the class clown. I screwed around a lot. I didn’t really have any direction, I didn’t really have anybody in my family that was a doctor, so they didn’t really, you know, teach me those kind of things. What I needed to do, how I needed to act. And I didn’t know how to (bleep) study. When I did study, I would cram and do all the wrong stuff and then fail a test or do really crappy on a test and everybody would be like, oh yeah, I got an A and I’m like, I got a C minus.

I don’t know how the (bleep) I got into college honestly, but I got into a four-year university. I got to ULV, and I got into fraternity and I just drank like an idiot. I never went to class. I got like a 2.2 the first semester. The second semester I got a 1.7. I think I failed the Chemistry class and all that stuff. My parents were like, what the (bleep). Time the (bleep) out. You need to get your (bleep) together or we are not paying. My parents were nice enough to pay for my undergraduate ’cause I told them I wanted to go to med school. They’re like, good, we’ll pay for your undergraduate but you gotta pay for med school. I was like, cool, no problem.

After a 1.7, all my friends were like, dude, you’re never (bleep) getting into med school. You’re out of your mind. All that stuff. I really wanted to go; I just didn’t know what to do.

So, actually my third semester, I had to take Physics and everyone was talking about Physics. I had already failed a normal Chemistry class and then Physics is supposed to be even harder, so I was (bleep) my pants. I was like, all right Mom and Dad, I need a (bleep) tutor. I don’t know what the (bleep) I need. I need something. So they’re like, cool, we’ll get you a tutor. ‘Cause I did so bad and they wanted me to either (bleep) or get off the pot. Either drop out of school or get my (bleep) together. So I was like, all right fine, I’ll get a tutor.

So I get this tutor for Physics, and I go meet the guy, but he’s a (bleep) crazy person! He’s, like, Einstein. He’s got the crazy curly hair. It was standing up. He’s all disheveled and stuff, skinny like me, but smart. And I start talking to him, and he’s really goofy and pretty relatable. He spoke like me. Used the “f” word a lot, and I was like, oh this guy’s cool. He was a mathematician by the age of 13. A professional mathematician. I don’t even know how the (bleep) he was certified, but he was basically a certified mathematician by the age, he was 13 years old.

He then goes on to college super early, gets out of college when he was, like, 20 or 19 or something, and then goes, like, the Master’s. He becomes a Physics professor. The dude is, I don’t know, he’s probably less than 30 at the time. At the time, I’m like 20, he’s probably like 25 or 26. I don’t know. Maybe he’s 30. Anyway, he was old to me, but he was super cool. And he’s like, all right, this is what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna go home, and we’re gonna go over these topics in the next session and blah blah blah. This is what I want you to do. So I was like, all right.

So I did that, and I came back. And [in] the meantime, we started classes and stuff. This was before the semester started. So then we started classes, and I went to the Physics class and was like, this professor (bleep) sucks. This guy’s terrible. So I went back to my tutor, and I was like, this guy’s awesome. He teaches me everything. It seems really easy. I don’t know. Everyone talks about physics being really hard, but this (bleep) seems pretty easy. So I went to him. For the first test, I went to the class and every time I went to the class, I was like, this guy’s a cluster(bleep). How is anyone learning this stuff? If I didn’t go to this tutor, there’s no way I would learn this stuff from this professor.

I go take the test and meet-, okay, backdrop. I’ve failed Chemistry, okay. I have got Ds and Cs in almost every class, and I’m hanging out with pre-med students, and they’re laughing in my face because they’re like, dude, you’re never going to (bleep) med school. And I tell them I’m gonna figure out a way. They’re like, you’re not. This just, it doesn’t happen like this. You have to get straight As to get into med school. I was like, okay, well, there’s other options. They’re like, yeah, whatever.

So I go to take this Physics test, the first of the Physics tests, and I’m like, this is pretty (bleep) easy. I don’t know. Why is everybody saying Physics is so hard? I finished the test before everybody. I finished, like, 10 or 20 (bleep) minutes before everybody. My friends come out, they’re like, oh yeah, you just, you didn’t know what’s going on, so you just walked out on the test. I was like, no. I was like, not that hard. They’re like, yeah, okay whatever.

So [a] week goes by because, at that time, you’d have [to] wait for your scores for [a] week. Posted on the Professor’s door, you go to look at the test, and it’s got a code on there. So I look at my code, and I was like, I got, like, an 89 or an 88%. I was like, is that mine? I had to go check my code again. I was checking it out. I was like, oh, that’s pretty good. I thought I did better, but it’s pretty good. Then I go talk to my friends, and they’re like, oh yeah, what’d you guys get? We’re like, ah, 62, 65 blah blah.

It’s on a (bleep) curve. Well, I got an 88. They’re like, yeah okay, whatever. They (bleep) didn’t believe me. I was like, no seriously, that’s my code. This is a big blah blah. And they’re like, yeah. They literally did not (bleep) believe me. Brushed it off. Then I kept telling them, no seriously you guys, I (bleep) got an 88. Now they just think I’m cheating. They’re like, how did you cheat? I was like, I didn’t (bleep) cheat. I actually, I got a tutor, (bleep) went to class, and I studied, blah blah blah. They’re like, you just (bleep) cheated. Whatever.

So it turns out the 88 was the highest in the class and because the next highest score was, like, a 72, I (bleep) up the curve for the class, and they were all pissed off at me. They’re like, you (bleep) cheated and then (beep)ed up the curve for the class. Then we all got (bleep) Cs, and you’re a douche. I was like, I didn’t (bleep) cheat! Dude, they would not, legit, would not (bleep) believe me until the second test.

So it turns out, I was like, (bleep) this professor. I’m not (bleep) going to this class anymore. He’s a waste of my time. So I stopped going to class! They were like, yeah, you’re not going to class. Of course you’re cheating. I was like, I’m not!

Then here comes the second test. I do the same thing! I got the best in the class. I finished early, blah blah blah, all this stuff. My friend are like, huh, maybe you’re not (bleep) cheating. I was like, yeah, maybe I’m not (bleep) ch-, maybe I can be a (bleep) doctor.

So, basically, that’s my story is that I did not really think I could be a doctor. I didn’t think I was smart enough to be a doctor. After that test, after that class where I aced that (bleep) Physics class, I was like, yeah, I can do this (bleep)! This guy taught me some (bleep).

So I just realized I wasn’t, I was just doing everything wrong. After I learned what I had to do to get As in classes and study and take tests and all that stuff, I got better over time. Of course, I got way better. After Physics, of course, I took high-level Physics. Of course I got into med school. I got straight As in all my med school classes. Then I got surgical residency. We have a yearly test. I got the highest scores on those tests for the first couple two or three years and then I just, I quit. I was like, I didn’t wanna study anymore.

So anyway, the point of that whole thing is that the reason I’m making these videos is because there’s so many people out there that think they’re not smart enough to go to med school or engineering school or computer science or business school or whatever it is. But I’m telling you right now, it’s not that. You are taught the wrong things, or you were not taught at all how to study.

So that’s what I wanna do is I wanna help people understand that they are not stupid. They are just as sm-, if you have an IQ over 100. What is it, like, average IQ is100. If you have an IQ over 100, if your average brain power, if you have an average brain power, you can do any of this bull(bleep). Studying, college, med school, whatever the- pharmacy, nursing, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter.

So that’s why I make these videos. And I hope that you get a lot of value out of them. Most of them are around med school, getting into med school and residency and talking about what I do for a living and stuff like that. So if you’re into medicine, you wanna go to med school, that’s usually why people watch me. But I also have a course that I made that teaches people just how to study in general. It doesn’t have anything to do with medicine and it just is like, look, these are the things that I’ve learned that you have to know in order to do well in college or high school. Actually, it’s applicable to high school students too ’cause I was crappy in high school.

So if you wanna do well in high school, college, you wanna go to med school, pharmacy school, you wanna be a nurse, you wanna go into a graduate school, whatever, then that’s why I film these for.

I put the link in the comments below. Check it out if you are somebody that needs help studying. If not, and you just wanna learn about medicine and surgery and what people do and what it’s like to be a surgeon, then keep watching these videos, and I’ll see you next time. Thanks a lot, you guys. Take care.

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