If you are concerned you are having a medical emergency call 911. See your hospital discharge for information regarding your medications, activity instructions, and follow up appointment.

It is completely normal to experience pain at your incision – this may increase slightly after you are home and your activity increases. If your pain is not controlled with your medication – call the office.

It is normal to have a small amount of redness along the edge of your incision. If the redness becomes bigger, you have drainage from your wound, or your incision opens – call the office

It is common to experience constipation after a hospitalization and while taking pain medication. Be sure to stay hydrated. If you go more than 24-48 hours without having a bowel movement, take the stool softener you were prescribed after your surgery. If your constipation continues or you are concerned please call the office.

If you have a fever over 102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 Celsius) call the office

Call your primary care physician within 24 hours of discharge to inform them of your recent hospitalization. Some of your medications or dosages may have been changed while you were in the hospital – INFORM YOUR DOCTOR OF THESE CHANGES – they may need to make some adjustments or see you in the office. Your primary physician will resume managing all your medications and health issues not associated with your recent surgery.

This information sheet is not a complete list of potential problems you may experience after surgery, those were explained to you by your surgeon during your hospitalization.

You are the most important part of your recovery – it is your responsibility to inform your doctors of issues you are experiencing. It is your responsibility to have someone help you with any activities for which you need assistance. If you do not have someone to help you or feel you cannot be alone, please inform the medical team.

If you receive a bill for surgical services, please call the office (385) 429-3535 and let us know so we can contact your insurance provider.

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