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In this video, I wanna tell you guys how to be the best medical student ever. So a lot of people ask me, “How do I be a great medical student? How do I get good recommendations to get a good residency and all this stuff?” This is the key, this video. Okay?

First, I wanna tell a little story because I like telling stories. And I think they’re fun, and usually people understand a little bit better when you tell a story.

When I was an intern, the very first day we got a bunch of books – mostly medical. But we got one book given to me by one of the vascular surgeons at our program, and his name was Dr. Shepherd. Dr. Shepherd was the bomb. Dude trained at Hopkins Medical School and residency back in the day where he actually said that they would take calls so much that they would sleep in the bathroom. On the floor in the bathroom, and there’d be two interns at a time. One intern would cover for the other one. The other one would go in the bathroom and sleep on the floor ’cause they were so tired, and they didn’t wanna get caught sleeping somewhere else.

He gave his book out to all the interns. It was called A Message to Garcia, and the story in it…It’s a very, very tiny book. You can go and pick it up. It’s really cool, so the message in this book is that in some war the US forces needed to get a message to somebody who was undercover in Cuba. That was basically the enemy, so they didn’t wanna go behind enemy lines because then they would be caught. They would cause a whole problem, but they needed to get this special message to this guy. His name was Garcia, so the captain was like, “Holy (bleep). Who do we get to take this message to Garcia because we don’t even know where Garcia is. He’s undercover, and we can’t get to him. We can’t ask him where are you, so who do we get to take him this message?” They came to the conclusion that was Ro-in. This guy, Ro-in. Like dude, give it to Ro-in. He will do anything. The guy’s a killer. You’ll just hand him the message and say, “Get this to Garcia.” You don’t tell him who Garcia is, where Garcia is, or how to find him. You just say, “Get this message to Garcia.”

Ro-in did that, and he didn’t ask any questions. You see what I’m getting at? He didn’t ask. He didn’t say, “Oh geez, I don’t really know where Garcia is. Could you give me a hint? Or I think maybe I’m gonna need some more time to research this.” He said, “No problem.”

That is my message to you. If you wanna be a great medical student, you take a message to Garcia. When somebody asks you to do something, there’s no questions asked about, “Well, I’m not really sure if I know how to do that. I can’t do that.” You (bleep) figure it out. Okay?

One of my chief residents was famous. All he did all day is, when I was an intern, he would give you things to do. I didn’t really take the book very seriously, so I’d be like, “Oh dude, I don’t know. I’ve never done this before!” He’s like, “(Bleep) figure it out!” Right?

The point of it is that you’re smart, you’re in med school, you proved to yourself and everybody else that you can do a lot of stuff. You can figure things out, so that’s what you need to do when you’re in med school, when you’re a doctor. You need to be able to take information in and then process that stuff and apply it to different situations.

A lot of the USMLE is people come out of that test and go, “These questions, they don’t have…There’s not enough information for me to answer.” That’s the point. You’re supposed to infer information in these questions, and you’re supposed to know, “Okay, well, it’s a 55-year-old female who’s overweight, has had three children.” You don’t say, “Well, she’s got appendicitis.” You immediately go, “This is a gallbladder question.”

The point of the whole video is to say you need to take a message to Garcia. You need to go above and beyond. You don’t need to burden your residents or your attendings with things that they are wasting their time with with you. They need somebody to just do that (bleep), and so that’s what makes an amazing medical student and an amazing resident is when, an amazing employee period. You’re also an employee in these situations even though you’re trying to get into residency and all this stuff. Think of yourself as an employee, and if your employer…They need stuff done. The employer can only do so many things, and they need to do a finite number of things. But they need the employees to do the rest, and they don’t need to spend time telling the employees how to do it, when to do it, why to do it, when to wipe your ass, all that stuff. They just need employees to take care of it.

As a medical student and a resident, that’s what you need to do is just take care of (bleep). Just (bleep) figure it out.

That’s my message for today. I hope you guys liked that. Comment below what you guys think makes a great medical student too. That would be awesome. Or a resident. That would be good to hear. Like the video if you like it. Share it with a friend. That’d be great, and subscribe to my channel. I appreciate it a lot. Thanks for watching again. Take care.

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