Where Is The Appendix Located In The Body?

Hey, what’s up you guys? My name is Buck Parker. I am a board certified general surgeon.

In this video, we’re gonna talk about appendix location. Just one thing I wanna mention. I don’t have the scrubs on or anything. I don’t have a white cloak at home ’cause I don’t really wear that stuff at home, but some of my friends wear that ’cause they’re family medicine doctors or pediatricians who don’t really wear scrubs all the time in the hospital or don’t need to wear scrubs really, so they wear them at home to impress their wife or their neighbors or something. But I don’t really do that because I wear them all the time, and everybody knows. So it’s not really that big of a deal to me to wear that stuff.

And the stethoscope thing, I’m not gonna be- listen to somebody’s heart during this video. So I don’t really need to wear a stethoscope. Some doctors do that stuff, but I don’t.

Anyway, so we’re gonna talk about appendix location because you guys ask me all the time which side is the appendix, right? Where is the appendix? Which side? Is it here? Is it in your right ear, or is it in your left ear? No, it’s in your abdomen. So we’re gonna talk about the appendix and the appendix location.

So if you haven’t seen- If you wanna know all about the appendix, I have some other videos. And you’ll check those out, but this one’s gonna be specifically about the appendix location. So let me tell you a little anatomy first.

This is the anatomic position, and this over here is my right side. And this over here is my left side, so this is the right lower quadrant or the right side of the abdomen. That’s where the cecum is, and the appendix is located off the end of the cecum. The appendix is a tubular structure in the bowels off the end of the colon that we don’t really know what it does. We think that maybe it had some immune function at some point, but we don’t think it does anything now. We take them out all the time because they get sick. Actually, the appendix gets blocked at the base of the appendix. It’ll get blocked and then the bacteria to proliferate. And then you’ll develop pain, but if you wanna know about the appendix pain, check out my other video about the appendix pain. But this one’s location.

So as you can imagine, the cecum’s on the right side. The appendix is also on the right side, so it is in the belly – what we like to call the abdomen. Us doctor folks. And it is off the end of the cecum, and so it’s actually down lower. When you have appendicitis, the point of maximum tenderness, what we’d like to call, is called McBurney’s Point. And that is between the ASIS, or the anterior superior iliac spine, if you’re a doctor and you wanna say fancy words. Or the hip bone right here on the righthand side and between that and your belly button. So it’s about sometimes halfway, sometimes one-third of the way between those two things. And so that is the point of maximum tenderness when you have appendicitis.

So the question you’re probably watching this video for is where the hell is the appendix and which side is it? ‘Cause I have a bunch of pain. It’s my left side. I have left-sided belly pain, it ain’t the appendix unless you possibly have malrotation, which is a whole ‘nother ball of wax. I’ll do another video on that. A very small amount of people may have left upper quadrant tenderness, and that could be their appendix.

For most of you normal ass people, it is in the right lower quadrant or the right side of the abdomen on the bottom. That’s where the appendix is. Between the hip bone and the belly button, so I hope that helps you with locating the appendix. And if you have pain, if it’s in the right lower quadrant, maybe you wanna be concerned about that. Usually, it doesn’t go on for much more than a couple days before you say, “Holy (bleep). I have to go to the hospital right now.” If it’s been a month, it’s not the appendix. It’s something else. So you can watch my other videos if you wanna learn more about the appendix or hernias or gallbladders and all that good stuff. Or if you’re a medical student and you wanna learn more about being a medical student or being a resident, or if you’re in high school, you wanna be a doctor, blah blah blah, I do all that stuff too.

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Take care.

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