Why Only 50% of IMG Med Students Get a Medical Residency!!

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Okay, so let’s get to it. That is right. 50% of Caribbean students do not get a residency. I heard the statistic and I was like, “Holy (bleep). I’m telling everybody to go to a Caribbean school if they don’t get into medical school, US med school, and then I come across this statistic. I have not looked that much into the statistic, but I will say it’s probably close to being correct. Let’s just assume that it’s correct. I mean, let’s just say a large amount. Even if it’s 30%, even if it’s 40%, that’s a big gamble. Because you’re going out there, you’re taking loans out, you’re spending a lot of time – two years at least or four years most of the time – and then you don’t get a residency. I think we need to talk about that.

I know why that is. It’s the same as everything. I will say that there’s basically two types of students in Caribbean schools. Obviously, everybody there did not get into a US school. That’s why you’re there. Nobody really goes there…I think I know one person that went there because their boyfriend didn’t get into a Caribbean school so she followed him there. She could’ve got in some…That’s the only person I know that went there for that reason.

So there’s two types of students. One student is…Couldn’t get into US school, got their (bleep) together. Or got their (bleep) together too late to get into a school like, for instance, me. I did really poorly the first couple years in college and then I got my (bleep) together and did well, straight As, the last two years. That’s not enough to convince the US medical schools that you can get in because they have so many people to pick from that have straight As the entire four years so they don’t give a (bleep) about somebody that transitioned.

The second type of student is the type of student who didn’t get in, didn’t really get their (bleep) together. They wanna do it, but they haven’t figured out how to study yet and/or they don’t have a really good reason to do it. A lot of people actually, their parents convince them that they need to go to med school. That happens a lot. Or they feel pressure from their family to do something like that, to go to med school. They don’t really wanna do it. They wanna be an actor, or they wanna be a writer, they wanna be an artist. But sometimes those are scary professions to go into.

Actually, I was a painter and I was actually really good. Maybe I should’ve did that honestly. Sometimes I think to myself, “I should’ve just became a painter.” But that’s not a real guaranteed career. Some people can do that and decide, “I’m gonna be an artist. Roll the dice. Maybe I’ll be awesome, and maybe I won’t.” There’s no guarantee when you’re an artist. So it’s a tough thing to go into. But maybe you really wanna do that. So if you really wanna do that, you should do that. ‘Cause if you go to med school and you don’t wanna do that. You wanted to be an artist to begin with but your parents are convincing you to go to med school, or you feel pressure from your family. Maybe they’re not even trying to convince you. Maybe it’s just the aura and everything you decide, “I wanna do that. Or I’m gonna do this because my family expects me to do that.”

That person’s gonna have a hard time, and that person is gonna be part of that 50% or whatever you wanna call it. 30% or 40% that do not get a resiency. Because med school is very hard. It takes all of your energy. It takes your focus. It takes a big…You need a reason, a really, really strong reason to sit your ass in your room by yourself and study for 10 hours a day. You have to have a good reason to do that. If you don’t have a good reason to do that, you’re gonna be like, “I don’t wanna study.” And then you’re gonna try and cram and cramming does not work for med school. It’s too much information.

You have to get that information repetitively. You have to study all the time. It’s just not-, I don’t know. Maybe some people can do the cramming, but I sure the hell couldn’t. I knew of a couple of people that did cram and they did okay for a little while. But, really, over the long-term, you don’t remember that stuff and so it’s gonna be difficult then, two years later, remembering your anatomy for the USMLE. ‘Cause, really, that first two years you gotta know that. You can’t just know it for the test. You gotta know it long-term because in two years you’re gonna have to take a USMLE, and you have to do very well. You can’t go back and memorize everything for the USMLE because you forgot all that (bleep) because you just crammed the night before. You can’t just-, it has to be long-term memory.

This is why there’s a high percentage of people who go to Caribbean schools don’t get their residency. The only thing I would say about that is that if you are on the fence, don’t do it. If you have your shit together, you’ll be fine and you could go in there with an ass-kicking attitude and you’re like, “I’m gonna crush every test. I’m gonna get an A on every test here because if I don’t get an A in a Caribbean medical school, I’m probably not gonna do very well on a USMLE.” That was my attitude.

I just, basically, got As on every single exam in med school for the first two years because I was (bleep) myself. I was so scared I was gonna fail the USMLE and then be in a really tough spot. Because if you fail it, you can still get into residency but you’re most likely not gonna get the one that you want and it’s gonna be- You’re gonna make it really hard for yourself.

I think that’s all I wanted to say. It’s a scary statistic. It’s a real statistic, but there is a very definite reason why that happens. If you are not part of that 50% that really are not committed, don’t have a great motivation, and the reason why…I had a specific reason in my head every single time I sat down. It was the same thing. I wanted to be a surgeon. That drove me every single day for 12 hours a day. You have that, that’s great. You have to have it. If you don’t have that and you think you’re probably doing this for an outside reason, not yourself, and you know if you are, then don’t do that. Go follow what you really wanna do ’cause you’ll be amazing at that. That’s the key to all the success and doing hard (bleep). If you are doing hard (bleep), it takes obsession level commitment. If you’re obsessed about something, you’re gonna do really well at it. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be (bleep) the worst Calculus in the world but if you’re obsessed and you love Calculus, you’re gonna do great. Me? Not my deal.

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