Here are some of my awesome patients, and what they say about me being…well…awesome to them:)

Testimonials Regarding medical and surgical care-

“Thank you for the many visits to the recovery room and patiently  answering all of our questions.  We appreciate your openess and honesty regarding the potential for infection due to the complicated nature of the surgery.  We left the hospital feeling confident we had all the information and tools we needed to recognize any complications and are happy to report, because of your skill and care, our daughter made a complete recovery.”  -Shelly

“Your compassion and expertise were especially comforting during this difficult time. I appreciate the special efforts you made in keeping contact with my family in another state and attending to me regularly and when promised.  Thank you and your dedicate staff for taking care of all of my needs, not just physical but working with my insurance, work forms and records”   -Coco

“I can not say enough good things about the care that we received from Dr. Parker.  Dr. Parker treated us like family and we knew we were 100% safe in his capable hands.  We had access to Dr.Parker and he took the time to answer all of our questions, at every stage, regardless of the time it took. He never seemed rushed and we felt as though we were the most important thing to do that day, even though we knew he had several other patients in rooms near ours”   -Sally

Testimonials regarding the website and online medical advice service-

“First, this is a great site. I am having issues that aren’t exactly emergencies, but they are bothering me. It’s cool to have some professional advice at your fingertips.” – Matt

“Your site is very interesting and informative. I was amazed to see how many people you have helped, and impressed by how thorough and caring you are in your responses. Thank you so much for providing this service.” – Sandy

“Your responses are kind, helpful and much appreciated. Thank you for helping us all navigate surgery.” – Jennifer

“Thank you very much for your help, I’m glad to have found your website, I hadn’t been given much information from the hospital so I had to search it out myself.  I really appreciate the effort and care you present to people online, not every one would do that.” – Roben

“Thanks so much for this website, I’ve found reading your comments very helpful.” – Jill

“Thank you Dr. Buck – I really appreciate your advice and help”– Russ

“Thank you again Dr. Buck, you are doing great thing and you helped many people” – Mike

“Thanks so much for your willingness to answer questions on your site!” – Jessica

“Great website, very informative.” – KS

“BTW, very nice and informative website. Congrats!” – Alex

“Thank you so very much for your help!” – Rachel

“I appreciate your comments!” – Jamie

“This website is very helpful!” – Barb

“Love your site Dr Buck!” – Rob

“I wish I would have found this site of wonderful information before and just after my lap appy” – Sarah

“First thank you so much for all the advice on this site.” – Amanda

“Thank you for your feedback and insight here. Very helpful.” – N. June

“Thank you very much, we went to the doctor today and it turned out to be a throat infection, so he got antibiotics. If it wasn’t for you my husband wouldn’t have gone to the doctor – he kept telling me that he is OK and all is normal and no need to see a doctor. Thanks again.” – Inga

“Thank you for the advice, I’m 16 and this is my first surgery so this is all new to me, thanks again for your help doc” – Anthony

“Thanks for your quick response. I appreciate your opinion very much!” – Stacy

“Thanks a lot Dr Buck for spending your precious time, your advice seems to be very helpful !!” – Abinath

“Firstly, thank you for providing this information to general concerned patients- its above and beyond the call of duty and it’s great to see here.” – Amanda

“Thank you Dr. Buck. My husband was relieved when I read him your reply. He has no pain only occasional headache for which too ibuprofen. Right now all he wants to do is sleep. Will take it one day at a time and tomorrow will remove the bandages over incesions to check them out. I printed out your Post Op instructions as my guide again. Thank you” – Pam

If you are in need of some medical advice that you don’t want to go to the doctors office, hospital or ER, check out my Online Medical Advice service here.


Take care,


-Dr. Buck



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