I know you are probably very excited to have your Colonoscopy and wish you could have it every year, but please don’t get too excited and forget about the preparation the day before. ¬†ūüėČ

So here’s the deal, for this to work, both of us have to do our parts. ¬†If you don’t do your part….I can’t do my part….so it’s kind of a team effort on this one. ¬†Here are your instructions.

The day before the procedure have nothing¬†to eat except clear liquids. Clear liquids include broth, Jell-O (with the exception of green, blue and red) apple¬†juice, 7-up, ginger ale, cranberry juice, tea, Gatorade and water. At 3PM you will¬†begin your preparation. We will call in to your pharmacy the Golytely preparation prescription¬†as well as two anti-nausea pills. Take one pill 20 minutes prior to starting the Golytely to help with¬†the nausea that sometimes comes with taking the solution. Take the second one 4 to 6 hours later if¬†needed. Drink 6 to 8 ounces of Golytely every 15 to 20 minutes until the entire solution is finished.¬†The proper preparation is important for this procedure to be done, so it is very important to¬†follow the instructions carefully. ¬†You should start to experience ¬†bowel movements starting 1 hour after drinking the solution. ¬†You may continue drinking clear type liquids until midnight the night before your procedure. ¬†At midnight the night before the procedure have nothing more¬†to drink or eat until after the procedure. ¬† Please call the office with any¬†questions. ¬†Do not eat or drink anything the morning of the procedure. ¬†If you usually take blood pressure medication in the morning, please discuss this with the physician performing the colonoscopy, ¬†as everyone’s situation is a little bit different.

Please report to either St. John’s Outpatient department or the TOPS Surgery Center (whichever you are assigned to)¬†1 hour prior to the scheduled¬†procedure time. ¬†Leave valuables at home. ¬†A watch and rings are OK. ¬†Plan to wear loose¬†clothing, sweat pants are good. ¬†Bring your insurance card as well. ¬†Please plan on having someone drive you home, as it is approximately 12 hours before¬†you can safely drive after the sedation used for this procedure.

Upon arrival to the pre-procedure area, you will change into a hospital gown and be asked to remove jewelry. You will have an IV placed and the anesthesiologist will talk to you about the risks of the sedation specific to you.  The physician (most likely myself) performing the procedure will also talk to you before the examination to answer any last-minute questions you may have.  After this is done, you will be taken to the endoscopy suite and placed on your left side and you will be given sedation through the IV.  The exam will then be performed. If you would like more details on the Colonoscopy exam, click the following link:

Colonoscopy Exam

Again, please call the office with any questions or concerns.

-Dr. Buck


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