If you would like a discount off of your bill, just make a 1-2 minute video testimonial about your experience with Dr. Parker and JH Surgery. It doesn’t matter if you had a fantastic experience, or terrible one….we want to have them all. We will post them here for other patients to see so they can decide for themselves who they would like to see for their surgical issues. Just make a video stating your thoughts on your experience with Dr. Parker, his staff and either St. John’s Hosptial or TOPS Outpatient Center (if applicable). Then either email the video in or let us know you’d like to drop it off at the office.  If you are not too adept at making videos, you can write a letter detailing your experience.  If you would like to remain anonymous, you may write a letter and we’ll leave all identifying information off of your testimonial.

After the video or letter is posted to our page we’ll make sure you get your discount.  Discounts negotiated on a case by case basis.  Call or email today to inquire about yours.

-Dr. Buck

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