#1 Tool For Medical Students…It’s Not What You Think…

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In this video, I wanna talk about the number one tool that you need as a med student to keep on you at all times. And I’m also gonna answer a question about this bag right here because I got a question, “What is this bag? What do I keep in it?” And, “Do I keep a first-aid kit on me all the time?” So we’re gonna answer those in this video.

All right, so first of all, I wanna talk about this bag right here. This bag is called Tool-y. It’s a Swedish company that actually makes ski masks, and then they make luggage. So I’ve got a whole set of luggage. There’s a lot of similar messenger bags, but that one fits my laptop really easy. And I keep a whole bunch of Go Pro shit here because the more videos I make, the more stuff I realize I need to shoot. So I’ve been doing that. Let me see what else I keep in here. I keep pens, obviously. I keep connectors. I keep cards, my business cards. That’s always good to have. I keep adapters. There’s the adapters. Like that. I always keep extra headphones.

If you work at any hospital and you’re giving presentations, you better know that the Mac does not hook up to the hospitals because the hospitals are like, “Oh, well, we don’t do the Mac. I was like…It’s only the most popular computer that ever (bleep)ing was made, jack(bleep).

But anyway, so I have to keep connectors for that stuff. Otherwise, my presentations look stupid. The last one I did, adapters didn’t work. It got all (bleep)ed up, and it was embarrassing. But then I made a video about it. I actually did the entire presentation on a YouTube video, and it turned out actually really good. And then I got- Oh my God, I just…The thing is right now. And I got an invitation to give that presentation at a regional conference because they saw it on YouTube, and they thought it was cool. So maybe I’ll start doing those.

Anyway, so here’s the thing that I really wanna talk about in this video. So the number one thing you need to keep as a medical student at all times is one of these. It’s a little black notebook, okay? And this one is…I got a bunch of stuff in there. No, not a lot. Anyway, one of those.

And I know what you’re saying. You’re going like, “Oh, well, I already have a phone. And I have a notepad on my phone.” But here’s the deal. It’s very important. First of all, the reason you wanna keep this is because, as a student, you’re gonna have stuff every single day that you don’t know what it is. And you need to go look it up at some point during the day, and sometimes you have time to look at it right there because you have your phone. And you can do that, and other times, you shouldn’t do it right there because somebody else is talking. And you should be paying attention. This is one of the things that you need to do while you’re on rotations in order to get a good letter of recommendation is not stare at your phone. If you stare at your phone the whole time, they think you’re just (bleep)ing off and texting other people and, basically, sending notes and stuff like that because most of the attendings and stuff didn’t really grow up that way. And they don’t really think about the phone that way, as in taking notes on the phone. So if you’re texting and you’re taking notes and looking down and the guy’s talking, he’s thinking you’re not paying attention. So what you need to do is take out one of these, right? ‘Cause this is what the old guys use. And say, “Okay, I’m gonna write down.” Right? If you look at me and I’m writing down in one of these notepads and I’m talking, I’m gonna think that you’re taking notes in what I’m talking about. And I’m gonna be like, “Oh, I’m so important because they’re taking notes on everything.” Blah blah blah. Right? But if you’re on your phone, I’m gonna be like, “This kid is not paying attention. He doesn’t give a (bleep) about the patient.” Or I’m not gonna give him one, or he’s gonna get a bad grade on his or her rotation. So that’s very important. You need to not only do the right thing, but you need to be perceived as you’re doing the right thing, which is taking notes. So what you wanna do is, everyday, as a student, you just put your date at the top. And then you write down what you want to go look up later, okay? Then at the end of the day, you go look those up. And you will be, like, 100 times smarter than everybody else.

There’s a ton of things in medicine that you won’t know, and it doesn’t matter how long you’re there. I learn stuff everyday. If it’s just something like you’re like, “Oh, I’m not sure what that is”, and then you forget about it and you don’t write it down and you go home and you just blow it off, the next day it comes up again and again and again and you never look it up, then you’ll be like, “Oh, man, I don’t remember what that is. Now I’m confused.” And things start stacking on each other, so if you don’t learn the basics, then advanced stuff you can’t understand, all that stuff. So you need to get that stuff down.

I think that’s really, really important. Make sure you are perceived as being studious and not aloof, so you need one of these little notepads. And you can also write down all your patients. For whatever reason, this little thing is HEPA compliant. I mean, basically everybody used to use these. And you can take a sticker from each patient you see, okay? And you can just put it right there. Maybe go boom. You put it right there, and then you write the diagnosis or the operation you did or whatever. This is what surgical residents- We kept. This is what the surgical residents kept for their operative log in because you can put it in your pocket really easy here or back, and you can carry it around at all times or your white coat. Then could go home and later put it in the actual log, but you wouldn’t lose it because one of the most important things are to keep track of what you do.

Actually, as a student too. I never really did this, but it’s very important to keep track of the patients that you see and the diagnosis you see and the operations you help in or observe or whatever. That’s very important stuff because you can go back at some point and look and see like, “Oh yeah, I remember that incarcerated umbilical hernia. I did see one of those when we were in that- what was it?” You can always put notes in there and stuff like that and say- After the operation, go in and say, “Okay, blah blah blah, they did this and small bowel resection. And they used this kind of stapler or whatever, stuff like that.

Anyway, that’s my quick little video on what’s in my bag and what a med student should always keep with them at all times to make yourself look like not an asshole.

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